Pit Stop

by Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur

€ 29.00 EUR

Cable details

MDPC-X XXX White, Grande Bleu or Italian Red sleeve with grey shrinks. Available with a genuine LEMO 1B in with custom Cerakote coating in Ridgeway Blue, Kel-Tec Navy or Bright White with the option for a Stoplight Red Cerakote coated accent.

non-coiled: 20cm non-coiled device end, 1.8m host end

coiled device end: 20cm coiled device end, 1.8m host end

coiled host end: 20cm non-coiled device end, 20cm coiled to 1.8m non-coiled host end

All host cables end on USB A 2.0.


Fulfillment Times

Please take note that this is a preorder for build-to-order cables with a fulfillment timeframe of ~30 days, mainly depending on the delivery time of custom coated connectors. 

Order cancellation

Cancelling your order will be possible within 48 hours after it was placed. Be adviced that we reserve the right to decline a cancellation after this, if the manufacturing process has been started or custom parts have already been ordered.