Lindy x LEMO

by Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur

€ 65.00 EUR

One of the most recognizable cable styles, with its transparent jacket that shows the silver shielding underneath, meets the original push-pull connector made by LEMO in switzerland.

This Set includes both a 20cm USB C device end and a 1.8m USB A host end cable.    

About The Lindy x LEMO

This modular USB cable is manufactured by hand in Germany, with the experience of over 4.000 custom cables made since 2019 and utilizes genuine LEMO® push-pull connectors aswell as original Lindy cables.

The detachable push-pull connectos allow for a flexible change of device ends cables without the hassle of dealing with your cable management ever again. Change your connector from USB C to Mini B in just a push/pull or change the color of your device end to besser match your daily setup.

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    Tech Details

    • Lindy shielded USB cable with transparent jacket
    • 5-pin LEMO® push-pull connectors with silver chrome finish