by Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur

€ 79.00 EUR

Because of the popularity of this item, you'll be able to preorder it if it shows out of stock. LEMO connectors are scheduled to be delivered on Feb. 2, and your order will be prepared and fulfilled immediately.

Design details

  • ~20cm non-coiled USB C device end, sleeved in stainless steel
  • ~1.2m straight USB2.0 A host end, sleeved in mdpc-x Carbon BTI or XXX White
  • LEMO 1B push-pull connector, silver chrome or Cerakote finish
  • black or white shrinks

Tech Details

  • cable is USB 2.0, 2x AWG24 wire (power), 2x AWG28 wire (data), double shielded
  • cable diameter 4.5mm, coil inner diameter 10mm
  • mdpc-x is a uv-stable PET material produced in germany, similar to techflex but tighter meshed
  • 5-pin LEMO connectors