by Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur

€ 69.00 EUR

This is a preorder item, the fulfillment is mainly dependend on the custom coating of the push-pull connectors, the fulfillment is estimated in 10/2022.

Cable details

The Dusk coating is a 2-color combination of Armor Black with a red colorshift, thanks to a second layer of Cerakote FX Riot.

  • 20cm coiled or non-coiled USB C device end, sleeved with mdpc-x
  • 1.2m straight USB2.0 A host end, sleeved with mdpc-x
  • Weipu SF12 or LEMO 1B push-pull connector, Cerakote Armor Black & FX Riot

Tech Details

  • cable is USB 2.0, 2x AWG24 wire (power), 2x AWG28 wire (data), double shielded
  • cable diameter 4.5mm, coil inner diameter 10mm
  • mdpc-x is a uv-stable PET material produced in germany, similar to techflex but tighter meshed
  • 5-pin connectors from LEMO, 4-pin connectors from Weipu