Black Friday drop

by Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur

€ 59.00 EUR € 99.00 EUR

Overall cable details

  • 20cm non-coiled USB C device ends & 1.2m straight USB2.0 A host ends

LV ltd. Edition 

  • Brass sleeved device end, Vanilla Sands MDPC-X sleeve
  • LEMO 1B push-pull with custom 2 color Cerakote finish Burnt Bronze & Gold
  • brown shrinks
  • limited to 5 pcs.


  • Natural White MDPC-X Sleeve
  • LEMO 0b push-pull with custom Cerakote finish Frost
  • white shrinks


  • Titanium Grey MDPC-X sleeve
  • LEMO 0B or 1B push-pull with custom Guncandy finish Stingray
  • grey shrinks


  • Shade 19 MDPC-X sleeve
  • LEMO 1B push-pull with custom 2 color Cerakote finish in Elite Carbon Grey & Hunter Orange
  • black shrinks


  • device end sleeved in heat treated stainless steel
  • host end sleeved in MDPC-X Blackest Black
  • SZR push-pull (LEMO compatible) with custom Guncandy finish Chimera & Cerakote Gold accents
  • black shrinks

Tech Details

  • Helukabel Tronic-CY4 (LiY-CY) x0,14qmm shielded data cable
  • UV-stable MDPC-X XTC tight meshed PET sleeving made in germany
  • 5-pin push-pull connectors by SZRico