The Original - non-coiled LEMO® cable

by Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur

€ 65.00 EUR

Our best selling custom cable is now available for preorder with an unmatched price-performance ratio for those who are looking for nothing less then the highest quality components available on the market.

This Set includes both a 20cm USB C device end and a 1.2m USB A host end cable.   

About The Original

This modular USB cable is manufactured by hand in Germany, with the experience of over 4.000 custom cables made since 2019 and utilizes premium MDPC-X sleeving aswell as genuine LEMO® push-pull connectors. 

The detachable push-pull connectos allow for a flexible change of device ends cables without the hassle of dealing with your cable management ever again. Change your connector from USB C to Mini B in just a push/pull or change the color of your device end to besser match your daily setup.

Fulfillment Schedule

Cables have already been prepared for a faster fulfillment and will get sleeved after the order is placed. Fulfillment will start immediately, availability of LEMO® connectors given:

  • LEMO® 1B are available
  • LEMO® 0B are available

Tech Details

  • Helukabel Tronic-CY4 (LiY-CY) x0,14qmm shielded data cable
  • UV-stable MDPC-X XTC tight meshed PET sleeving made in germany
  • 5-pin LEMO® push-pull connectors with silver chrome finish